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Mecha Paper Models

MechU : Spiderbot

 Third installment for the MechU.  with this third model, you will have 3x3x3 possible combination that you can made.


MechU : Enforcer

 The Enforcer is the second model for MechU.  This humanoid robot resembles the main character hero in the series


MechU : Heavy X

 Heavy X is the first robot relesed for the MechU (Mecha Unlimited) Project.


Mecha Unlimited Project

 April 2012 will marks the day of this project.  The project has originally started in 2010.  The project were actually being considered to be published in a book about 1000 Mecha combination.  While the book proposal were recepting good feedback on its early stages, at the end of the day, it were turned down after considering the recent crisis which created market recession in countries the book planned to be marketed.  I decided to release the model for free here, the special thanks goes to the would be co-author of the book, Rauf Raphanus.  One of the founding father of Paper Replika Indonesia community.


Transformers Ironhide

IronhideAs of January 11, 2011, the poll concluded with 199 voters.  Ironhide resulted to be the best, stands out of the other Transformers candidates... with 54.8% of voters supporting it.  Me myself personally voted Ratchet, but the medic is beaten bad by the weapon specialist, being the lowest of the vote.  By popular demand, here is the Autobot Ironhide papercraft released to the public.  My next project could be the second ranked, another combiner, the Superion Maximus.  But lets see the development, can't really say anything at this stage.




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