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Redbird packaging box

My friend Kaka Jibriel Andi Warant contacted me and showed me this awesome cool box.  I'm amazed on how the box really fits well to the red bird.  I love it right away.  Thankfully, he allowed me to share and release the box in to our site here.  A very nice design and a very cool way for making the papercraft as a gift to someone.  Bravo to Kaka!


The box design contain two item, the model stand and the box it self.  The stand alone, when reinforced, can be used to display the papercraft in a very cool way.  Combined with the the box, it is best for a gift.  You will want to use a transparent plastic sheet to cover the box hole, just as my friend Kaka did to his box.  Happy building and hopefully you do like this release.  Thanks to Kaka

If you are able to build the bird, you will not have any difficulty in building this box :).  Hence I'm afraid there will be no instruction provided, use your imagination.  Hopefully you will enjoy building papercraft with us.

Please carefully read the licence agreement before you proceed with the download
Redbird packaging box



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