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Red Angry Bird Papercraft

This Red bird marks my release of the Angry Birds series.  I did even remodel my site category.  It is around 10 models planned to be released for this series, including the slinger it self :).  The black angry bird will be released very soon

The red birds has been so far, the most read, downloaded and built model of all.  Not just because it is the first I believe, its because its funny look and great design of the character it self.  This model will be a very simple model.  I like this birds squawking in the game.  It really encourage you to play and finish the game.

Completed Models:

Built by my friend: Adhiwardhana Widjajanto

Angry Birds Paper Model


Built by my friend: Adhit Gunawan

Angry Birds Red Paper craft

Angry Birds Papercraft

Please carefully read the licence agreement before you proceed with the download
Red Angry Bird Papercraft


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