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Transformers Constructicon Devastator

Its been awhile, too long infact, However, this is going to be my Transformers design that will be release in stages.  The bulking Constructicon Devastator is a combiner class consisting of 7 construction vehicles from the Constructicon teams.  The papercraft will have 7 templates, which will allow you either construct the bulking robot of constructicon devastator or just the each of the 7 vehicles.


Actually, I don't really like the robot after combined in the movie.  First its just looks like an animal, a beast, a monster, brute, lack of intellect, mindless, stupid.  What I like from it is only the idea of having few self independent transformers robot which can combine into another mega sized transformers, which is by far more formidable and more effective killing machine.

Devastator in ROTF : the movie


In the movie, Devastator would stand about 100–120 feet tall if erect, but, there is no picture of this so called "brute machine madness" standing tall.  All it can do is to walk with all the pair of legs and arms.  He is too brute, too slugish, not even be able to fight the two clowns.   Very disappointing appearance as it just ended to be shot with a human weapon, from an insanely long range experimental rail-gun cannon.  Not much of an appearance, too aggravating and too fast anticlimax.

The Construction Devastator will consist of 7 members, which will be released in stages, click their link below for the download:

Scavenger - A heavy mining excavator
Overload - An articulated dump truck
Mixmaster - A cement mixer truck
Hightower - A mobile crawler crane
Rampage - A bulldozer
Scrapper - A wheel loader
Longhaul - A dump truck

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