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Flamer Hetzer COH2

The model presented here was an overnight made papercraft which had won the fan-art competition by Company of Heroes 2 community 2015 commander bundle contest.  The picture looks simple, but in order to make this, it involved a dozen activities with multiple techniques, tools and devices, starting from 3D modelling with Google SketchUp, unwrapping with Pepakura, coloring with Corel draw, Drawing the soldiers on my ipad with SketchBook Pro, Print it on my Epson printer, build with cutter and glues, taking the picture with my iPhone, editing the text bubbles with HalfTone, improving the image with Snapseed also on my phone, and lastly post them in twitter.  You see, iOS and Windows, PC, iPad, iPhone and a printer.. wow...


Any way, you could now also make the same, redo the process, or even create a much more interesting scenario with the above technique.  Let me know if I can help answering your query.  This is amazingly my release after more than 2 years of passive activity. As promised when I made the entry, I will share them here.  So enjoy!

And that was the mini box studio where the picture were taken

Please carefully read the license agreement before you proceed with the download
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