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Planes : Dusty Crophopper

Dusty Crophopper is the main character in the new Disney movie, Planes.  The movie itself is built from the existing world of Cars, another successful Disney movie.  I build this character just when I got some spare time (at last) which I don't spend it to playing games.  Well, I'm out of town now, so I'm away from my gaming rig currently.

The main character is simple, sharp edges and less curvy parts.  hence seems very suitable for papercraft design.  I'm interested as he is the main character of the movie. I planned to release another character after this first character.  hopefully I can make it quick.  Your support in form of sharing completed pictures and download will help push the project into my top list, above my games.

Models above built by Dwie Permatha Sarie

Please carefully read the license agreement before you proceed with the download
Dusty Crophopper Planes

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