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To deliver you FREE high quality papercraft templates which focusing to our enjoyment over games, toys and papermodelling.  Our main feature of vector drawing will enable you produce a precise and free to resize papercraft products.


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Yellow Angry Bird Papercraft

This is my 3rd release of the Birds.  My friend Adhiwardhana Widjajanto helps me build and took the picture.  This is the fruit of his proven neat build.  He built the bird using the smaller A5 paper size instead of original A4.

The yellow birds is highly manouverable and able to speed-up, greatly ncreasing its velocity.  This enable the bird to leave its traditional parabolic trajectory curve, increasing its value in strategical surgical strike.  The bird high velocity would also able crush wood and glasses alike, passing through the barricade.  The only stop to this are pile of hard rock.

Angry Birds Papercraft Yellow

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Yellow Angry Bird Papercraft


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