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Our mission

To deliver you FREE high quality papercraft templates which focusing to our enjoyment over games, toys and papermodelling.  Our main feature of vector drawing will enable you produce a precise and free to resize papercraft products.


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Swampy's Bathtub

Where is my water?Another papertoy that is simple enough to build.  Swamp'y bathtub from the famous mobile game "Where is my Water?".  This model can be build to be either a wall mounted ornament or a desktop display.  This model is being my first release of this year, hopefully I will have all the mood to release other models.


Urban : Education

 The Third release to the Genre, and second release to the Urban set.  In this second release are packs of educational buildings that is being provided in segments.  These segments can be constructed to the common educational building that you can name it your own.  whether a School, a Library or a University.  You can make them 2 story, 3 stories and beyond, they would look okay.  The building style are red bricks based.  Parking lots are avaliable as well as the school buses.


Fantasy : Human Castle

 This second release of the HobiCity series will be the Human castle.  As like my MechaUnlimited series, This model were also being prepared for the book blad proposal.  The book about papercraft on City Building.  With my co-author Rauf Raphanus we prepared this model for about 2 months back in 2010, almost exactly 2 years ago.  Since the book is also cancelled, I decided to release the design and continue the idea here.  To be shared for free.


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