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To deliver you FREE high quality papercraft templates which focusing to our enjoyment over games, toys and papermodelling.  Our main feature of vector drawing will enable you produce a precise and free to resize papercraft products.


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Black angrybirds Box

Kaka's third Box design.  He sent me last week but I just be able to put it in today.  It will host the Black bomber birds.  I also like the tone of the box, which fit to the bomber bird to be contained.  The thing I like is also the grass texture, it looks good to fit the bird.  Although I'm not too sure of the text "would you be" meant, its location and color tone fits.


DoTA models

Dota models is now released in this site.  Previously all are hosted at and were mostly designed and build by HannesX.  The good thing is that now all of the models are free to download.  Enjoy these free models, being freedom in papercraft.


Yellow angry bird box

The second box is also created by my friend Kaka and its purpose is to cover the Yellow bird.  The design is similar with the red bird and yet constructed with care, it also contain the box and the model display.  The box also looks amazing with the yellow bird within.  Its very yellow themed to fit with the bird.  Thanks to Kaka.



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