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Our mission

To deliver you FREE high quality papercraft templates which focusing to our enjoyment over games, toys and papermodelling.  Our main feature of vector drawing will enable you produce a precise and free to resize papercraft products.


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Mecha Unlimited Project

 April 2012 will marks the day of this project.  The project has originally started in 2010.  The project were actually being considered to be published in a book about 1000 Mecha combination.  While the book proposal were recepting good feedback on its early stages, at the end of the day, it were turned down after considering the recent crisis which created market recession in countries the book planned to be marketed.  I decided to release the model for free here, the special thanks goes to the would be co-author of the book, Rauf Raphanus.  One of the founding father of Paper Replika Indonesia community.


Urban : Neighbourhood

neighbourhoodThis kit starts the HobiCity project.  HobiCity papercraft project is a long run project at city building series.  The project were originally started in 2010, but the release of the model to the site were only after April 2012.  The project will contain various thematic cities to build.  Ranging from fantasy city to space city, historical cities to urban cities.  The objective of this project is to share fun to others who loves miniature buildings and like to have their own customized city.  The models available would win anyone hears and is perfect for desktop display, gift or school projects.


Merry-go-around N1K2 Shiden

Papercraft merry go aroundAbout 21-22 years ago, my self as a kid created a merry go around aircraft with paper card stock, few baterries and an electric motor scavenged from my toy train.  Such a toy were hardly to get.  The model I had were an F-16, well a jet, the rotor is on the rear of the plane.  Right now, I wanted to relive that fun moment there and share them with the world.  Its not the first one I believe, but its just my version.


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